Cats Really Are The Cat’s Meow

Oh the stresses of choosing what type of pet to get. Should I get a dog? What about a cat? I will help speed along the process and make the decision for you. Get a cat.

Now I know what you are thinking, “Dogs are a man’s best friend. They are loyal and they love you”. But as an owner of both a dog and cats, I can tell you dogs are a pain in the neck.

You have to train dogs and worry about them running away. Plus they smell bad and they bark.

Indoor cats, on the other hand, are fairly easy to take care of. They groom themself, they do not bark, you only need to train them to use the litterbox and that is it.

Another advantage of having cats is, they do hilarious, crazy things all the time, so your cat could become an internet sensation. I mean, there really is no downside to that. How many famous dogs do you know of? Not very many.

Cats will not bark every time the doorbell rings, or when they see someone walk down the street. In fact, they do not bark at all. Although sometimes, their meows can be very annoying.

Unlike dogs, cats will not poop on your floor if they do not get let out. All you need to do is train them to use the litterbox. You can even have them trained before you adopt them. Excluding the occasional hairball, you will never find any unwanted surprises on your floor.

It is so easy to groom cats. Even they can do it themselves. All you need to do is maybe brush them once or twice a week. You do not even need to worry about them smelling bad, because they do not!

With cats, you do not have to worry about playing with them or exercising to keep them healthy. Cats are content with doing nothing. They love to sleep, eat, and just hang around. My cats do nothing all day and are still very happy.

But with dogs, they will pester you until you play with them. And even after you do they still have so much energy. You need to be constantly worrying about if they are going to run away or get hit by a car. But not with cats.

Indoor cats can live up to twenty years so you will have an (almost) life long companion. With a cat you will never be bored. So just do yourself a favor and get a cat.


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